Two Wheels

There’s something purifying about the open road. Two wheels, all that separates you from disaster as you fly down the ridge. Each moment clamors for attention and no time can be spent on wondering how you should have taken a better line through that turn. The next curve is in your face and demanding you watch your line on this new challenge. Two wheels, all that moves you past field and forest, past young lambs piercing the fence with their crowns to reach the greener grass, past old farm dogs that want nothing more than a taste of heel. Two wheels, each moment yanking you back into the present, the lactic surge burning away the curse of the past and two wheels propelling you into an unknown future, a new present only guessed at by hints from the past, an echo of all you remember but altogether new and exciting and bursting with new revelation as two wheels carry you over well trod paths that, against all expectation, are continuously changing and, somehow, remain familiar in momentary memory. Two wheels racing for the sky as you stand, urging your tired legs to keep turning over. Two wheels, and a hint of brakes, as you dive, mimicking the hawk you saw on your third mile, hoping you can keep those two wheels out of the gravel dropped here by trucks or heavy rains, wrestling with the black beast beneath you, commanding it to do its duty and see you safely around the bend, in time to take those two wheels up another ride, chasing a clock that insists you are behind. The internal senses overwhelmed by challenge and joy, pure exhausted euphoria, you fight the desire to let those two wheels take you wherever the beast pleases, to leave behind the complications of modern life for the simplicity of two wheels, the beast, the road, and you.

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